To solve the issue of food insecurity we need volunteers. It is important to keep our community involved so we need you to help us aid those in need. You can do that by signing up to volunteer and donating your time to create power packs.

About Us

Recently we have grown to the middle schools and the high school. 
Our goal is to provide nourishment for children in need. When they are well fed they are able to pay attention and get the education that they need and deserve. We are also trying to reach all students in need in the Prior Lake-Savage school district.

Every meal beautifies a community.

Feeding those in need

We believe that it is not only important us but also important to our community. Thankfully we are able to reach those in need and get help from people who can and are willing.

Our mission is to provide food and nurishment to every child in need. We believe a full stomach is something that benefits both the kids and the community at large.